How, what, where, why; Oh my!


How  Does  This  Process  Work?

The Covid Crisis has increased our applications by approx 500%. Please be patient with our volunteers as they are working as quickly as they can to approve your application. There is no need to contact us to change the dog you are interested in. You will receive an email from Shelterluv (generated by us) once your application is approved and at that time we will let you know which dogs are available.  At  that  point we will put you in touch with  the  foster  parent  to  ensure a perfect match.  Once both parties agree,  we will generate an adoption contract  and  payment link that will be texted to you. Sadly, here in the south we are rescuing new pups everyday that are in need of great homes. We appreciate your patienice during this time and just know we are just as eager to get these amazing dogs into their forever homes as you are to receive them. Be sure to fill your application out thoroughly and if you do not have pertinent information simply wait to submit it when you do have the information. And be sure to contact all references listed on your application including vet, property owner and personal references because those are the # 1 reasons  that slow us down.

Sweet Southern Pups Getting Ready to Head North

As you may have noticed, the majority of the pups are still in TN where they were rescued from all types of situations. We get animals from situations as pleasant as " we accidentally had a litter and want a rescue to responsibly place them"  to horrible abuse and neglect cases where they have had to have major rehab and everything in between. But typically in the south most of the animals have simply been “dumped” or abandoned. No matter what the case, we take them in and provide all their vetting, emotional and day to day needs to get them to the point where they can be adopted in to loving, forever homes. Once they are fully vetted, then are ready to travel to their forever homes. We use professional transport companies to get them there. Check out the "Transport" tab to read all about that.
These pets are all in volunteer foster homes in West TN. Some of our fosters are able to foster inside their homes while others must foster in kennels or barn stalls. Many of the dogs  will have little training because we are working to save so many lives.

What exactly do we do to each rescue pup?

Every pup in our rescue receives at least 2 distemper/parvo (5way) vaccines and a Bordetella vaccine. A rabies vaccine (if they are over 12 weeks old). Is spayed/neutered. Gets dewormed multiple times. Gets microchipped. Any pup over 6 months of age is also tested for heartworms and treated if positive. The treatment is with Immiticide injections.  All the pups are on heartworm, flea and tick prevention. Not to mention getting all that tlc that us southerners are so famous for. Once their adoption has been finalized they have to go back to the vet one final time for a final exam and an Interstate Health Certificate (for those going on transport) which  certifies that they are free from any contagious diseases. Each adopted dog arrives home with an envelope containing his complete vet record and 1 month of free pet insurance.