Getting your new friend home

Transport Options

Transport can be very stressful on your new family member. That's why we are very selective on who we use to transport our adopted pets. But we do like to give our adopters some options because we know everyone is spread out. We have been doing this for 14 years and in that time these are the 3 transport companies that we've grown to trust and love. They are also USDA certified. Each of these companies has pre-determined meeting locations, times and schedules that you can find on their websites. Adopters simply tell us which company they want to go with, which stop is most convenient for them, then once the adoption is finalized we schedule the transport and adopters show up on the day (usually Saturday) their pup is scheduled to arrive.

HEARTS is owned and operated by husband and wife Jason and Amanda Hopson and they take excellent care of the pups and treat each of them like their own. They are a 24 hour transport service which greatly reduces the stress on the pup. You can find them on FB and their website is

Pet Express Tupelo is owned by veterinarians and driven by Russel and Debbie. They have just upgraded to a brand new trailer and are so excited to be able to provide the pets in their care with the style and comfort they've been dreaming of. They are also a 24 hour transport service. You can find them on FB as well and their website is

PETS is owned by husband and wife Kyle and Pam Peterson and Kyle and his team do a wonderful job as well. PETS has been around a little longer and has grown into a huge operation and runs multiple trucks and offers more stops. But, they are a 48 hour transport which does put a little more stress on the pup. And they charge $15 more dollars that we do have to pass on to is their website

And of course we are open to suggestions. If you have adopted from the south before and know of an excellent transport company that you want to use, we would be happy to accommodate. Just let us know.

Our goal is just to get your family member home safely. And of  course if you are up for a road trip  and want to drive down to pick up your  baby, we will waive the transport portion.